What sets us apart from the other period pant and leakproof underwear brands out there?

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These are “Pro Flo pants” to support you in every flow of your life.  Our Pro Flo movement celebrates and unites the divine, strong female and we empower women to be anything they want to be!  We encourage you to step into your true power and love a life of joy and freedom.

The Best Fit, Style And Functionality

Tested, re-tested, tweaked and crafted to perfection personally by our founder.  We provide sexier, alluring and more flattering fits that can be worn every day, regardless of menstruation, for ultimate freshness and dryness.  Annahitah styles suit everyone including from teenage briefs, lace, seamless, g string, high waisted and brazilian.  We also offer 4 states of flow, from Super Heavy (which can comfortably nurture a heavy day with the equivalent of 6-8 tampons worth of blood) to Light flow for the last day or two of your period or for everyday wear for unpredictable leaks.


One of our most frequently asked questions is “Do they smell?” Annahitah’s clever 4 layered technology ensures dryness and freshness and eliminates odours.  However, we offer added antimicrobial styles to give extra odour control, alongside “au natrel” options.  We are one of the few brands to offer YOU the choice.


Speaking of smells, Annahitah has a secret and exclusive Brand     Signature scent.  This extra brand experience evokes an emotive and sensory experience every time a delivery arrives!  Have a sniff - you will be in heaven!


The mystical essence of our brand is our blueprint. We embrace the empowerment of divine feminine energy and esoteric connectivity to self and the universe and planet. We encourage you to celebrate your womanity and honour your body on a spiritual and holistic level and to connect with the magic of the Moon - for it is one of the biggest influences on your monthly flow. 


Environmentally friendly, eco friendly, reusable, organic and non toxic materials sustainably sourced, OEKEO-TEX and GOTS approved and certified


Receive a Free Organic Cotton Eco-bag with every
purchase to provide an on-the-go switch solution and the ultimate peace of mind for those heavy days.


Every month, Annahitah donates a selection of pants to disadvantaged women all over the world. 

If you know a worthy cause or would like more information on our charitable partners, please email


Proudly Silver Free

At Annahitah, we proudly stand behind the safety and integrity of our period pants. In light of the recent Which study on silver in period pants (see below), we are proud to be 100% silver-free.

We prioritise transparency and consumer trust, ensuring that our period pants are crafted with high-quality, non-toxic materials for peace of mind and optimal comfort.

All suppliers used by Annahitah are GOTS and OEKO-TEX certified - the highest standard. Both certifications are widely recognised as the best in the textile industry.

This offers assurance regarding the safety of the materials as well as environmental and social responsibility.