Q & A With Our Founder

Conversations with our Founder, Nina Alexander

Why did you start Annahitah?

I heard a stat a few years ago I couldn’t unhear and that was that it takes about 800 years to decompose one tampon. I did the maths and I couldn’t believe how many tampons and sanitary towels I had polluted the planet with after all the many years of periods, even though there was nothing else available to me back then. I made a decision that the only way I could undo all that damage - spiritually, morally, consciously and energetically would be to scale up others not doing it. I then started wearing period pants and I loved their functionality and the fact that I didn’t need to use disposable sanitary products, but they were so unattractive. They were so unsexy, unflattering, uncomfortable and there was no way I could wear them under tight clothes or the gym. I realised there was a huge gap in the market for sexy flattering period pants that would make women feel protected but super feminine and alluring. And Annahitah was born.

Where does the name Annahitah come from?

The inspiration behind this name came to me on holiday with 3 of my girlfriends. We were so relaxed and it was a very rare break from our young children and I just had the mental space and downtime to switch on my creative juices. I already knew that I wanted the brand to honour the divine mystical feminine within us all and I started looking at ancient goddesses. I came across a Persian goddess called Anahita which was ironic as I am half Persian. Anahita was the goddess of fertility, water, love and wisdom and she embodied this brand vision so beautifully. I tweaked the spelling of the name to make it unique and Annahitah was created with a very special nod to my ancient Persian lineage.

What does the logo represent?

You’ll see the logo across all our branding and on all the pants. It is our essence and identity and was created by incorporating the concepts of Anahita - her symbol was the Lotus flower, representing fertility and we added some waves to represent her symbol of water but it can also be linked to the flow of menstruation. Or the monthly energetic ebbs and flows a woman experiences. Or the beautiful synergy between the moon’s gravitational pull on the tides and our periods. I love it. And that is how the Pro Flo concept came about.

Why Pro Flo pants? What’s your Mission?

To embrace and remove the taboo for all female body vaginal leaks including periods, postpartum blood and urine. To empower the current and future generation of women to rise up and honour their feminine energy whilst reducing plastic waste, inspiring others to help our planet, saving money and preserving their gynaelogical health.

Where were you when you started your period?

I was 12 years old and I was at my best friend Saskia’s house. Her older sister showed me how to put a sanitary towel in my knickers and then I remember getting out of swimming the next day at school by saying I had just started my periods. I remember feeling this strange mix of feeling the pride and excitement of growing up blended with an awkward nostalgia for the little girl I was saying goodbye to.

What do you call your lady bits?

My woo woo. And boys have a Willy woo. In our house there are 4 Willy woos and 2 woo woos.
That’s a lot of woos!