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We know the weight of a heavy day

At Annahitah, we're committed to ensuring that the modern day woman can own her
busy life without the need to worry about embarrassing leaks. 

So, we created our Eco-Friendly Organic Cotton Drawstring Bag, designed to offer a convenient on-the-go solution for your period pants.

Every single delivery we send includes a drawstring bag for your extra peace of mind.

Whether you're at work, travelling, or out and about all day, our drawstring bag ensures that you always have a spare pair of period pants at hand. No more worrying about leaks or discomfort while on the move – simply tuck a spare pair into your bag and go about your day with confidence.

Washable, Sustainable, and Reusable

Made from high-quality organic cotton, our drawstring bag is not only durable but also environmentally friendly. Unlike disposable plastic bags, our eco-friendly option is washable and reusable, reducing waste and minimising your ecological footprint.

How It Works

On those super heavy days when you need to change your Pro Flo pants, grab the spare pair in your drawstring bag. After use, remove the used pants from the bag and wash them as usual. Once clean, your bag is ready to be refilled for the next time you're on the go.

How To Wash

Simply place the bag in your washing machine on 30 or 40 degrees or a hygiene wash and then air dry for best results and longevity.

Join the Movement 

By choosing Annahitah's Eco-Friendly Organic Cotton Drawstring Bag, you're not just investing in convenience – you're also making a positive impact on the environment. We want to thank you for helping our mission to promote sustainable leak proof solutions that empower women worldwide.

Get Yours Today

Ready to experience the convenience and sustainability of Annahitah's drawstring bag? EVERY order placed lovingly receives our Eco-Bag, so shop now and don’t forget to take a wonderful sniff when it arrives to arouse your senses with our unique brand signature scent.