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Not just period pants, these are Pro Flo Pants. Sustainable, sexier, sleeker, safer leakproof underwear for every flow in your life. Check out our stylish ranges and discover the unique magic of Annahitah.

A warm welcome from Annahitah! The journey begins with you, always with you.
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Empower yourself and save the planet. Period.

Did you know? Disposing of single-use menstrual products like tampons, pads and applicators generates a whopping 200,000 tonnes of waste annually. On average, women use 286 sanitary items per year, leading to both environmental concerns and the hassle of frequent changes.

Join our Pro Flo Reformation and be a part of the solution. By switching to Annahitah Pro Flo period pants, you not only help save the planet but also protect yourself from harmful chemical exposure and save money in the process. Once you make the switch, you'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner!

These pants are INSANE. They fit like a glove, feel weightless, comfortable, no VPL, no roll down, perfect gusset length. I am obsessed!
This underwear has given me so much confidence. I no longer have to perform the “sneeze curtsy” thanks to Annahitah’s wonderfully discreet technology. After having 2 fairly large babies, I have always struggled with my bladder and these knickers have honestly changed my life.
I have a daughter who is very sporty and I am so excited for her as she grows up knowing that Annahitah is available for her to be discreet and safe when she is on her period. Your brand is truly paving the way for a limitless future for the next generation of women. Thankyou.
I have suffered from Endometriosis for years and used to have days where I soaked through several tampons and sanitary towels in a day. It was debilitating and I never felt confident leaving the house. Annahitah’s Super Heavy styles are so supportive and I now have complete peace of mind. Completely life-changing.

Pro Flo

We aren't just period pants, we are Pro Flo pants.

Our Pro Flo movement is the embodiment of the Annahitah magic energy. Our brand is inspired by the ancient Persian goddess of fertility, wisdom and love. We are with you through every stage of life, helping you feel the best self through the flow of womanhood. That flow can show up in many different forms, whether it is blood, urine or sweat. At Annahitah, we want you to feel supported, elegant, comfortable and to connect with yourself and the planet no matter what life throws your way. Our brand is on a Pro Flo journey with you, from the onset of menstruation to pregnancy and post partum, to peri and post menopause.

We are Pro Flo.

Pro Periods. Pro Planet. Pro Divine Feminine.

Pro You.


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No Leaks. No Toxins. No Sweat

When you switch to Annahitah Pro Flo pants, you will realise what a gamechanger they are! Our styles have been created and tested specifically to cater for all types of flow, whilst maintaining high quality, safety and comfort. We believe we have the most functionally supportive Super Heavy flows available in the marketplace to effortlessly and stylishly support the modern day woman in every flow of her life.

You can be safe in the knowledge that you will not leak overnight or during a busy working day when you wear our Super Heavy and Heavy styles, which can hold up to 8 tampons worth of blood.

Our light to medium styles have you covered for those lighter days, or if you simply need some everyday support for bladder leaks and sweat.

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Our Vibe & Our Tribe

Join our Collective, the Annahitah Tribe,

Where caring for the planet and people is our vibe.

Our affiliate program, unique and true,

Rewards you for sharing, for all that you do.

Connect with like-minded souls, let your passions ignite,

Together, we make a difference, shining bright.

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Education & Giving Back

At Annahitah, giving back is at the heart of what we do. We're dedicated to educating mothers of pre-adolescent and teenage girls about period hygiene. By passing on this knowledge, we empower the next generation to make eco-conscious choices, reducing toxic chemicals and plastic waste throughout their lives.

We take our mission further by visiting local schools to educate girls transitioning into womanhood on sustainable, non-toxic options. Plus, we're committed to supporting disadvantaged females by donating pants every single month.