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An estimated 500 million sanitary products end up in landfills every month, contributing to pollution and harming our planet. Not only that, but these products are often loaded with toxic chemicals like bleach and harmful PFAs, which pose potential health risks. At Annahitah, we're on a mission to educate and protect all women from unnecessary exposure to these toxins by encouraging the switch to sustainable, sleek and stylish reusable period pants.

Our Pro Flo Pants are truly unique. Made from industry-approved and certified materials like organic cotton and bamboo, safety and comfort is guaranteed. With our 4 layered moisture-wicking technology, our period pants are fully functional and have been heavily tested and proven to be fully leakproof - even on the heaviest days. Plus, with our antimicrobial odour control, you can stay fresh and dry all day long AND overnight and avoid the need for sanitary plastics.

We're passionate about sustainability, but we also want you to feel amazing. That's why our pants are designed to make you feel powerful and womanly, embracing your divine feminine energy while staying eco-friendly. Join us in making a positive impact on both your health and the planet!

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Our Story

We believe that by understanding and honouring our periods, we can live in greater harmony with ourselves and the world around us. That’s why we sought inspiration from the ancient Persian goddess of fertility, wisdom and love, to create our period underwear brand Annahitah.

The ancient wisdom and essence of Annahitah is woven into every fibre of our Pro Flo pants, but beyond this, we believe that the menstrual cycle is something to be celebrated, and that’s why we’re on a mission to empower women to embrace this sacred time of the month.

Through education and awareness, we are working towards destigmatising the P-word, and enabling women across the globe access to the sanitary solutions they so vitally need.

Our Founder’s Story

"I realised there was a huge gap in the market for seamless, stunning leakproof underwear - not just for periods but the kind of everyday underwear a woman would want to wear under tight clothes or to the gym. Let’s be honest, even the phrase 'period pants' conjures up unattractive and unsexy connotations, which is why I created the term Pro Flo pants."

Nina Alexander

Annahitah Founder

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Our Annahitah Brand Ambassador affiliate program is now open to editorial websites, media brands and influencers who share our values.

This isn’t just any ordinary affiliate program. Here, you will be rewarded for being part of our movement to help empower women all over the world to make the switch to better, safer and more stylish period pants.

Here's our divine affiliate program:

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Help us on our Impact Mission!

In our ongoing commitment to creating positive change, Annahitah is dedicated to reducing consumer plastics and we strive to minimise environmental impact, safeguarding ecosystems for future generations.

We prioritise education and empowerment by partnering with local schools to provide comprehensive menstrual health education, empowering young girls with knowledge and confidence. Furthermore, our sponsorship of local girls' football teams fosters teamwork, leadership, and self-esteem.

Together, these initiatives reflect our unwavering commitment to making a meaningful difference in the lives of women and our planet.

I heard a statistic a few years ago that I couldn’t unhear.
It was this 'it takes up to 800 years to decompose a tampon'.
I couldn’t get over how much plastic pollution I had dumped on the planet in all my years of menstruation since I was 12.

Nina Alexander